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Connecticut Air Duct Cleaning ServicesYour air ducts are an absolute haven from many types of air pollutants, spores, microorganisms, pollens, molds, dirts, and debris. In fact, it couldn’t be a better environment for them!

Whenever you turn your HVAC system on, you’re just blowing all these contaminants around your home or building and you’re breathing them into your lungs. That’s why removing these contaminants is essential to ensuring the quality of air in your environment is essential for good health.

Total Mechanical Systems Duct Cleaning Services Offer:

  • Dust, dirt, pollen, mold, mite, odor, and removal of most all contaminants
  • Video inspection of ducts
  • Filter service
  • System inspections
  • Repair when needed
  • Carpet and furniture protection
  • State of the art cleaning equipment

Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Hiring Total Mechanical Systems to clean your ducts can bring many benefits to the home or corporate office.

The biggest benefit is an overall improvement of the air quality indoors. In your home, heating and cooling air ducts can gather dust, pet dander, chemicals and other household pollutants through the simple process of recirculating the air with normal usage. Individuals who suffer from respiratory health problems know the smallest allergens or pollutants can cause a flare up. To reduce your risks, air duct cleaning should be utilized. Our air duct cleaning services will improve the circulation of the air giving you the best breathing environment.

  • Total Mechanical Systems can actually help save money through the reduction your heating or cooling bill, by ensuring your HVAC system is running at its optimal level to be energy efficient. When your air ducts are filled with dust or other contaminants, your HVAC unit will work harder to cool or heat your building or home. Our air duct cleaning services can help reduce and eliminate all the build up within your system. Your heating and cooling unit will not need to run at a higher capacity to do the same amount of work prior to duct cleaning.
  • Our air duct cleaners will inspect your system. Mold , pollen, dust, dirt, debris, odors or any other potential dangerous pollutants may be in your air ducts. The contaminants may be in a part of your system and you and may not even realize they’re there. This mold can create health hazards if left untreated. When mold or other harmful contaminants are left to grow and expand, you risk long term health risks. Having knowledge of any issues, and then removing it, can save you and your family from larger health issues in the future.
  • We also check for any other types of infestation. The last thing you want and need is an infestation of vermin or insects within your air duct system. Both can create health hazards to anyone who breathes in the contaminated air.
  • Our air duct cleaning services also ensure that your  heating and cooling system is running optimally and achieving peak energy efficiency. A clean system can run at top level performance and extends the overall life of your system. Cleaning your system can reduce maintenance and replacement expenses.

Home environments are sanctuaries from the outside world. Contact us today and set up your appoint to get your ducts cleaned and breath easier!

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