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Whether you are looking to have your oil, gas,  or gas furnace serviced, replaced or repaired , or you want to set up routine maintenance, Total Mechanical Systems can help you with your all of  needs. Centrally located in Plainville, our trained technicians are ready to assist throughout Connecticut.

Furnace Installation: When your existing furnace is old and it needs to be replaced, turn to Total Mechanical Systems. They can help you pick out a new energy-efficient furnace, install it and ensure you understand how to work the new features and controls.

Furnace Repair: When you need service on your existing heating system, Total Mechanical Systems is available 24-hours a day in any emergency. Our team of trained technicians will work to ensure you receive efficient furnace repair service and will work to ensure that repairs calibrate correctly with your thermostat.

oil furnace installation in ConnecticutFurnace Replacement: Depending on the type of heating system you currently have, we can assist with installing the right system based on your home’s needs and in-home evaluations are free! You can decide on natural gas heat or oil and you will find that you will see reduced heating bills, lower costs on oil – or if you switch to natural gas, you’ll find your home will still be toasty warm and energy efficient!

Furnace Maintenance and Cleaning: Ensuring you set up routine maintenance for your furnace or boiler is important so that it runs efficiently. A comprehensive cleaning and inspection can save you money and ensure your furnace is full operational over the winter season. Technicians can make any necessary adjustments to your controls to ensure your furnace and boiler are always safe and operational all season long.

Natural Gas and Propane Furnaces: Natural gas furnaces are energy efficient and the installation is easy. We can also find a newer model that matches your budget. Newer models will save you money each month and you’ll start to see the savings add up right away!

Oil Furnaces: Oil furnaces provide an excellent source of heat for your home. We install and service most all major brands. Technicians will ensure you have the right model for your home’s needs and that it’s installed properly, provides warm comfort for your family, and is energy efficient.

Oil to Gas Furnace Conversions: When you make the conversion from oil to gas furnaces, you will quickly see the savings add up. Natural gas furnaces are more energy efficient and we can have these installed in you can start seeing the energy savings right away! Total Mechanical Systems is your oil to gas conversion experts.

When you need a name you can trust, contact Total Mechanical Systems for all your heating, furnace and boiler needs. Call now to arrange a Free in-home appointment and quote. 24-hour emergency repair service is available!

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