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Heat Pump Installation

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For many home or business owners in Connecticut, deciding between replacing and repairing a heat pump and air conditioning system may be a difficult choice. The choice is made more difficult your system has been dependable for the last ten years. The current age of the unit should be the main factor in the decision making process.

As you begin going over your options, we recommend consulting with an expertise in heat pump services to help make the right decision for your situation. The size of your home or business is a large contributing factor when considering a new heating and cooling unit. Allow one of the heat pump installation and replacement specialists at Total Mechanical Systems to evaluate the current operating system in your home or workplace.

Heat Pump Installation

trane heat pump installation servicesIn the last ten years, heating and cooling units have become more energy efficient. By replacing a 15 year old unit with a high Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER), Heating Season Performance Factor (HSPF) rated andENERGY STAR® labeled HVAC system, you may see significant savings on your energy bill. Your new high-efficiency heat pump installation could actually reduce your monthly energy bill up to 30 percent!

Total Mechanical Systems offers a free onsite consultation. The consultation expert can help you find the perfect heating and cooling system for your home needs while keeping you within budget. Total Mechanical Systems is also be available for emergency service any time and any day of the week, 24/7.

Heat Pump Replacement

Total Mechanical Systems offers heat pump replacement options for all your current heating and cooling needs. Our licensed and NATE certified experts have worked with a variety of heating and cooling systems; different sizes, brands, models and styles. Our heating and cooling experts will fix your current system in an efficient manner to get your household temperature at the right degree for you, because Your Comfort is Our First Priority.

The professionals at Total Mechanical Systems are able to identify any problem areas with your heat pump and are able to definitively tell you if its fixable. We will the help guide you through the process of selecting a systems that matches your household needs.

Fix or Replace

As a homeowner, you can help by noticing any warning signs that may indicate a problem with the current system. Humidity and strange noises indicate a problem within the system. Calling a heat pump installation expert from Total Mechanical Systems can help solve your current problems.

If you are continuously calling for home repairs, you may have to make the decision to have the unit replaced. Fixing the same problem over and over will only add up to extra expenses over a period of time. Money used for repairs could be allocated for other household or business needs. Start with this approach; add up your repair bills for the last couple of years. Review the total. Are you putting more money into the current aging system? You are going to want to consider the most financially responsible option for your budget.

We evaluate your home heating and air conditioning needs with a FREE on-site consultation so you get the perfect fit. Stay comfortable year-round with high SEER and HSPF rated and ENERGY STAR® labeled heating and air conditioning systems installed by Total Mechanical Systems.

Call now to set up an in-home consultation and get a FREE quote.