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Oil to Gas Conversion

Are you thinking about making the switch from oil to gas?

baxi-oil-to-gas-boiler-installation-in-connecticutHistorically natural gas prices have been more expensive option compared to home heating oil. However, over the last several years, the wholesale price of oil has risen and the price of natural gas has dropped. As a result, many homeowners and business owners throughout Connecticut are now switching from oil to gas conversion boilers, because gas costs less and it’s a cleaner fuel source.

Making the switch from oil to gas.

Replacing fuel oil with natural gas can lower your overall energy bills. Using natural gas to heat your home or business also decreases the level of harmful air pollution in comparison with fuel oil. A switch to natural gas also helps consumers break free from the price increases that result from our dependence on foreign oil.

Benefits of Oil to Gas Combination Boilers:

  • Save $100s of dollars a year
  • Cleaner burning – reduce CO2 emissions and bad odors
  • Better overall for the environment
  • Gas is piped directly to your home – no storage needed
  • Safer and less upkeep required
  • Get up to $750 in discounts from energizeCT
  • Rebates available from Yankee Gas, CL&P, Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation, United Illuminating, Connecticut Light & Power.

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